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Antonia Tribuzzo, DVM

Founder, President, and Medical Director

I founded For the Love of Jane for my sweet girl, Jane. She inspired me to pursue rescue and rehabilitation, specifically with neonatal animals. I started working with neonates in wildlife rehabilitation and then applied many of the techniques I had learned to the care of domestic species. I enjoy using veterinary medicine to make an impact in our community and to ensure adoptable animals are healthy and prepared for adoption.


Alison Cho

Vice President

I became involved with FTLOJ a few months after we adopted a kitten from the rescue in early 2023. I started out as a volunteer using my previous experience in human healthcare to assist with vet care, and over time, became more involved in the day-to-day activities of the rescue. I was very impressed with FTLOJ’s emphasis on foster-based home care, high quality nutrition, integrative veterinary care, community outreach, and the specialization in neonatal care and am so grateful to have found the perfect intersection of my interests and love for the medical field, animals, people, and caring for the vulnerable in my community.


Rachel Sit

Adoption Coordinator 

I started working with For the Love of Jane because of my passion for animal rescue and improving pet welfare through education. I enjoy utilizing the skills I learned while working with neonates in wildlife care and those that I am developing in veterinary medicine to rehabilitate and care for homeless animals in my community. I love getting the opportunity to help find animals their perfect homes and watching them thrive and grow to become part of the family.


Taylor French 

Foster Coordinator 

I started working with For the Love of Jane because of my passion for helping neonates, one of the most vulnerable populations of homeless animals. I enjoy connecting with other animal lovers equally invested in rescue work, and sharing best practices for how best to help these animals in need. I love being given the opportunity to utilize the skillset I am developing in veterinary medicine, to give back to our community and lend a helping hand.

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